Einträge von Niels

PHONgO – Skate or Die

## WARNING ONLY FOR ADRENALINE JUNKIES ## With this game you will feel an extreme heart bumping excitement! How good are your skate reflexes to avoid the obstacles and collect the items?? This skate game will really blow your mind away!!!! :] We´re back!! 😀 After three months of hard work, PHONgO is ready for […]

Easter Clone Link

###W.A.R.N.I.N.G. – Highly Addictive Link Flow Puzzle Game### Our crazy professor Dr. J.J. Blumingdale tried to clone some more easter bunnies, that hopefully all presents will be delivered in time – IT WAS A COMPLETE FLOP! 😛 Unfortunately his clone machine was not working right, and out came some little bit baffled Easter Bunnies. They […]

ZomBird – The Graveyard Flap

HOW MUCH BRAINS YOU CAN EAT?? :] There was sadly no more room in hell, so Flappy Bird had to come back to fly as a living death on earth – ZomBird…. bad, evil and hungry for braaaaiiins!!! :] This our homage to the original Flappy Bird. Hope you have a lot of fun with […]

Mafia Link Flow – Bank Escape

Mafia Link Flow – Bank Escape is the best link flow connection game you will get on iTunes. Different mafia clans robbed a bank, now the little gangsters need help to find their right get-away car. You will come in trouble when you cross the escape routes from other Mafia members! FEATURES: More then 700 […]

Brain Train Arcade

##WARNING## Highly Addictive Memory Trainer! This is our extremely addictive memory train game – Brain Train Arcade. We made 7 real cool themes to test your memory skills :] Following themes you can play in Brain Train Arcade: Old School, Flower, Alien, Creatures, Brain, Future, Neon 7 themes with custom sound effects Lightning-fast game responses […]

Mustache Disguise Booth – Selfie Beard Maker

Introducing the Mustache Disguise Secret Selfie Photo Booth – stay sneaky with a marvellous mustache. :] The Mustache Disguise Secret Selfie Photo Booth turns you into a super villain – with a crazy mustache! Take on the world and get a super-sneaky disguise to your lurk on your face – will people recognize you with […]

Chibi Vegas Slot Machine – Anime & Manga Fan Edition

Explore the Cute Chibi Anime Vegas Slot Machine today – and bring the vibrancy of Vegas casinos to your pocket! The Cute Chibi Anime Vegas Slot Machine is cute, colorful and perfect for all Chibi and Anime fans! Spin the reels and reveal the paylines you have unlocked! In our Anime slot machine, you will […]

Crazy Frogs – Fun Tapping Puzzle Blast

THE COOLEST CHAIN REACTION PUZZLE GAME ON iTUNES You want to blast these cute frogs away?! 🙂 …hahaha This crazy puzzle game is really addictive! Choose a good strategy for the right chain reaction to blow all frogs out of your screen. In each level you have a certain number of taps – With this […]

A Little Crazy Monster Dentist Office

Can you be a Crazy Monster Dentist? Become a little dentist and serve your monstrous patients! Crazy Monster Dentist Office is fun, addictive and crazy – become a little dentist and serve zombies, ghouls, monsters and other dastardly creatures and turn their teeth into pearly whites! How do Bed Bugs bite without strong teeth? Of […]