Slow Shutter Camera

Ultra Slow Shutter Cam PRO – Professional Long Exposure Camera App

The ULTRA SLOW SHUTTER CAM comes with professional and powerful features usually reserved for real DSLR cameras. With this camera app you can shoot awesome photos of moving objects, like light trails or ghost images or simply take Photos in low light conditions.

NOW you´ll get here a bunch of awesome long exposure features for your iPhone camera!! Turn your device into a DSLR Camera!

The ULTRA SLOW SHUTTER PRO includes built to make amazing, beautiful and artful photos.


  • The Shutter Speed is selectable from 05 up to 15 seconds
  • A have a self-timer selectable up to 10 seconds
  • Preview in realtime
  • AWESOME Freeze Controls > -100% up to 100% Change
  • Light Trail Mode > Here you can choose different sensitivity levels
  • Easy to share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or via eMail

Following are the three capture modes of this Slow Shutter Cam Photo App explained:

This is the same like the shutter priority mode on a real DSLR Camera – With the automatic mode you can make these cool blur effects on moving water, or some kind of ghost images. In this mode you have also the automatic exposure compensation, that your photos are 100% exposed.

This mode is made for low lights conditions. Configure manually the shutter speed to capture the light on the right way. When you make long shutter speed, more light will accumulate. You can even fine-tune your photo using the exposure compensation sliders to achieve the exact effect you want

Create hypnotizing photos of highway traffic by night, fireworks or big carousels – Or capture any other moving lights at night. Let your mind fly away with this mode to make artful photos wit your iPhone camera! 🙂

Ultra Slow Shutter Cam PRO Ultra Slow Shutter Cam PRO Ultra Slow Shutter Cam PRO Ultra Slow Shutter Cam PRO


Größe: 15.4 MB
Sprache: Englisch
Entwickler: Niels Hlawinka
© Niels Hlawinka
Kompatibilität: Erfordert iOS 5.0 oder neuer.
Kompatibel mit iPhone, iPad und iPod touch. Diese App ist für iPhone 5 optimiert.

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